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Decking – ideal for the Summer

We all wait for that moment the weather starts turning warmer, yearning for that first opportunity we can open those doors and get out in to the fresh air and sunshine. Installing some decking is a brilliant way to utilise the space you have in your garden and to best exploit the warm weather while also providing a low maintenance, safe and reasonably inexpensive area to relax, play and entertain.

Decking can be designed to tie in with any interior features you may have or any renovations allowing it to be able to create a seamless look inside and out. Various levels and characteristics can be incorporated adding a sense of perspective and to give the decking some personality.

Pine is a great material especially for those on a budget and should give you years of use if appropriately treated and for those with a budget that can go a little further there are durable hardwoods available such as oak for a longer lasting finish. No matter which wood you go with cleaning and treating it regularly will keep it strong and looking beautiful.

Good quality decking can transform even the most ordinary area into a wonderful outside living space providing pleasantness and warmth, rather than a cold and possibly inhospitable paving or patio area.

Decking is a practical solution for getting the best out of the summer and the best from your garden and whether your type of style is contemporary or traditional, using a mixture of different woods and other finishes such as brick or slate can be used to create a space you will want to use all year round.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality timber through a top quality service. If you have any questions, or would like know more about our range of decking please contact us on 0121 706 0404 where our knowledgeable staff will provide friendly customer assistance and advice.


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