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How to Protect and Maintain your Decking throughout the Winter

Just before the weather starts to get too cold, it is the perfect time to take the opportunity to apply a new coat of wood stain to your timber to give it some well needed added protection against the approaching British winter.

Preparation is paramount

Preparation is an essential part of the process; you must make sure that the existing surface is clean and dry. If any old varnish is on the wood you may want to strip it first and if the decking has been effected by any mold or mildew this will need to be removed and cleaned, which may require a specialist product.

When the wood is clean and dry there may be fibres which have begun to separate, sort these with a light sanding to smooth off the surface.

Only now can the wood be stained and/or sealed.

Time to stain and seal

Staining and sealing your deck will help to keep your decking looking good for longer, it restores the natural oils and protects the wood from water damage and the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

There are a vast amount of products for staining and sealing decks on the market and some will be better than other. However whatever one you go for, following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential to completing a good job. Not only when it comes to the application but also when it comes to cleaning up when finished.

The process can take several days to complete, dependant on the size of the project and weather conditions but be certain that it will all be worth it.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality timber through a top quality service. If you have any questions, or would like know more about our range of decking please contact us on 0121 706 0404 where our knowledgeable staff will provide friendly customer assistance and advice.


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