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Timber Cladding Solutions

At Johnsons Timber Supplies Ltd we offer a variety of different external timber cladding products suitable for a range of different projects from sheds to commercial building projects. Exterior timber claddings are an attractive and sustainable option when finishing a building.


Western Red Cedar is an attractive & durable softwood ranging in colour from dark red to light red & straw yellow. It offers a beautiful finish with high durability lasting for decades. It is a very popular cladding option and offers a smart & contemporary finish. Western Red Cedar is a naturally durable softwood and has a long lasting life. We offer a variety of different types of claddings including different types of Shiplap & Matchboard suitable for vertical & horizontal applications. Please enquire for prices and availability.


Thermowood is a pine or spruce softwood that has been baked to temperatures of 200 degrees to make it more durable and stable and has a desired service life of up to 30 years without treatment. It is a brown colour and is a cheaper alternative to Western Red Cedar. It’s uniform colour gives it a contemporary finish and it can be stained. As with all timber claddings if left untreated, in time it will turn silver/grey. At Johnsons Timber Supplies we supply Thermowood to order and it is available in a variety of different profiles. Please enquire for details.


At Johnsons Timber Supplies we stock Waney Edge Larch on the shelf. By nature it has a rustic look with its waney edge sawn finish and is the ideal cladding for Barns and for a rough natural look. We keep it pre-treated so it is weather protected and ready to fit. If you are looking for a high grade softwood finish then we can supply Siberian Larch to order. It is extremely versatile and offers a clean and consistent look. Due to its high density it is very durable.


We stock a variety of different softwood claddings suitable for exterior uses on sheds and garden buildings. We keep Loglap, Shiplap & Matchboard. All claddings are available treated off the shelf and are perfect for building new shed/garden buildings. We also stock a heavy duty 8 inch feather edge cladding offering a cheap alternative for cladding barns and agricultural buildings.

Larch Thermowood

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